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    • Pool Supplies Las Vegas

    • How well do you know your pool? 

      There are a lot of things needed in order to maintain a pool that is why we provide the best Pool Supplies in Las Vegas. As experts in the industry, we understand all the needs and requirements needed by your pool.

      We have been working for years to provide pool owners with clean, safe, water, and help provide all other resources to keep your pool in the best condition.

      Being the best Pool Builders in Las Vegas, we deal with all variety of pool supplies that are important to keep your pool, clean, beautiful, and refreshing, some of which are:



It is the most important thing to maintain your pool, we provide you with the best back washer that is simple to use and easy to access which will make  cleaning your pool fast and easy.


Pool Hose Adaptor


Without an adaptor, the steel anticipated from the pool's dividers would be uncovered, and water could get behind the pool shell. We carry only the best adaptor brands for your pool.  


DE Filter


DE, otherwise known as diatomaceous earth, is the recommended filter for your pool. DE filters can trap debris as small as 2 microns.


Gas Heater


While solar power has been the rave lately, gas-powered heaters, despite everything, represent a large portion of the radiators in private pools. According to our specialists, it is the best and smartest way for warming your pools and spas and for chilling out in the pool in any season.


Fundamental Drain


In most private pools, two fundamental channels are situated at the base - the most essential piece of the pool. We provide the best and customized fundamental channels for drainage to our clients and this undoubtedly makes us the best providers of Pool Supplies Las Vegas.


Siphons and Motors


Working together with the engine, the pool siphon draws water from a pool and helps keep the water circulated to prevent algae growth making it an essential piece to your pool.




Being the best Suppliers of Pool Supplies Las Vegas, we provide the best pool skimmers that help with debris clean-up. There are various kinds of skimmers that we provide to gather different kinds of debris and waste from the pool.


There are various other Pool Supplies in Las Vegas that we deal with. Get in touch with Pool Builder Las Vegas today to find the best pool supplies for you.

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