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Whether your budget is large or small or whether you'd like a small plunge pool or a customized free-form pool- we will work with you to ensure your dream pool becomes a reality. But we don’t just want to tell you — we want to show you. Browse pool photos from customers in the Las Vegas area to see for yourself the high level of craftsmanship that goes into every pool we build or read below for more information about our company’s background and design work. We offer a complete package. We design, supervise, and build it all promptly. We cover all expenses with you upfront and guarantee it with our No-fault Price Guarantee.

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Sunny days make us wish we have a pool in our backyard. When you want to go for a swim, but the inflatable pool makes it impossible, consider an above-ground pool, which is a simpler alternative to expensive in-ground pools. While financial limitation may be your reason for choosing this pool type, some homeowners face issues with the area or their yard’s soil quality. However, you may get more inclined to above-ground pools after showing you the pros of having one. For professional installation services, Above Ground Pools Las Vegas experts will provide you high-quality designs and construction.

Above-ground pools are usually pre-made or easy to build from scratch. As mentioned, they typically cost lower than the usual in-ground pools found in most homes. The minimum price you can expect is around $1000, but it depends on the size and material you choose. At most, you might spend around $4500, which is a great range for the benefits they offer. As for the size, you can choose from small to large sizes depending on how much space you want to take from your yard. Above-ground pools are designed to accommodate several people and allow them to swim properly across the length of the pool. Compared to regular in-ground pools, maintenance for above-ground pools are easier and more affordable.

Above Ground Pool Las Vegas

Above-Ground Pools Upkeep

Unlike inflatable pools, above-ground pools require a bit of careful inspection. To prevent it from sinking, you must find solid ground that will not get muddy or mushy when wet. We suggest working with Above Ground Pools Las Vegas experts because they have the equipment and experience to inspect your yard. There has to be a stable ground for the pool to settle on. Make sure you consult a professional about the practicality of your pool’s position and the size in case of extreme weather occurrences. You do not want an above-ground pool full of water to break and floor your yard or home.

Maintenance of pH levels is necessary. Chlorine and pool pumps can work together to maintain the water’s clarity. Just like in-ground pools, there is no need to change water frequently. However, there is a huge benefit to keeping the above-ground pool filled with water especially during the hot season. The lining can warp and crack without water helping it keep its shape and retain its moisture.

For a better experience, our professionals suggest that you consider several factors before placing your pool permanently in any space. Check whether the leaves and pollen from trees are likely to fall into the pool because then cleanup would be a hassle for you. Keep the pool in a location where there is not much wind. Do not place it directly under a power line, gas line, water pipe, and other underground connections. Remember to install it near a water outlet and drain for easier refilling and emptying. Another important consideration is the extra space for the accessories such as pump, filter system, hoses, and others.

Professional Above-Ground Pool Installation

If an above-ground pool is ideal for you and your home, it is better to start planning your desired specs and design soon. While some homeowners believe they can build an above-ground pool themselves, it is best to seek help from professional pool builders.

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